Aidchim Ltd. was founded in 1969 by Mr. J. Meiry, who passed away, at the age of 90, on Nov. 2009. Since 1975, Mr. J. Meiry was acting as president of the company, while his son, Mr. D. Meiry began managing the company.

Since 2011 Mr. Moshe Munsa is our General Manager.
Mr. Munsa joined the company in 1999 and served as Commercial Director.

Aidchim Ltd. is located, since 1975 in Raanana, ISRAEL, in a new, modern plant.

Aidchim Ltd. specializes in the production of silicone products & VCI products. Our products serve a large range of industries in Israel and the world. We also offer development of original auxiliary products for advanced technologies.

Silicone is a synthetic polymer which combines a number of properties that give it advantages over any other similar element in nature, as follows:

    • Anti foam & defoaming
    • Excellent lubricity to potting materials
    • Excellent power of preserving & shining, relevant to: leather, rubber, plastics. Etc.
    • Resistance to high and low temperatures
    • Excellent electrical insulation
    • A good capability for heat conduction
    • Water repellency
    • Anti-static and anti-corrosive
    • Excellent releasing power, prevents adhesion between matters and inertia silicone does not attack most of the elements, nor is it attacked by them.
The VCI Products are synthetic compounds which are used to protect metals against corrosion without being in direct contact with them.

Here, in our website, you can find descriptions of our main products.